Pinnacle Industries is a privately held, African American owned company, incorporated in the State of Indiana. We offer quick and efficient access to major transportation arteries (railway, interstate, and an international airport with a free trade zone) with experience shipping to over ten thousand (10,000) domestic cities and eighty (80) plus international countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East regions.

  • Privately held, African American owned business
  • Financially stable, commercial banking relationships in place to support new business initiatives
  • Numerous clientele across diverse vertical markets
  • Experienced structuring contractual deals with major suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Value-Add forward and reverse logistics and distribution services reducing overhead cost, delivery time, inventory constraints, and delayed or eliminated capital investments
  • Offered services: Procurement, Warehousing, End-to-End Order Fulfillment and Customer Service, JIT Inventory Management and Control, Critical Management and Processing of Multiple Source Inbound Material Streams for Project Staging, Customized Kitting, Material integration and Staging for One-Lot Ship, Dedicated Project Management and Customer Service Account Teams
  • Experience shipping to 10,000+ CONUS cities and 80+ OCONUS countries (Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, China, Middle East-Africa (MEA) regions


Our Mission

At Pinnacle Industries, our mission is to exceed our customers’ and suppliers expectations by providing value-added services that bridge the gap between our suppliers and end-customer by reducing overhead cost, delivery time, inventory constraints and capital investment. We maintain personal working relationships with all of our customers and remain committed to excellence in all that we do.